With a strikingly distinct personal style and thought‐provoking design aesthetic, Ashley Ogburn is continuing to evolve as a freelance designer. Even before earning her Masters Degree from S.C.A.D. in Atlanta, Ashley already had a storied career in fashion and retail management under her belt working under the close wing of prominent American designer Norma Kamalli in New York City.

Years of world travel throughout her childhood helped to shape the young artist's appreciation of creative thinking. In her own words:

" There is so much to be gained in living consciously, constantly being aware of one's surroundings, environment, and people within those spaces can provide a daily dose of inspiration."

It was interior design though that brought the Florida native back to south to further her education and develop her vision. Shortly after enrolling in SCAD's Interior Design program, Ashley opened her own freelance company, A522, an Atlanta‐based design house that provides many facets of design from space planning to graphic design services and everything in between. Ashley believes strongly in fostering local talent and amalgamating community‐based artists to create one‐of‐a‐ kind spaces for her clients to experience.

Ashley's sui generis approach to art and design has caught the attention of the Atlanta art scene, as well as Architecture Tourist, and Design Is Magazine. As the masses now seem closer to embracing the enigmatic designer, she plans on sticking to what she knows best: freely expressing her creativity for those who appreciate it.